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Thread: "Norway a Wonderland" Dec 12th, official Trailer

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    Default "Norway a Wonderland" Dec 12th, official Trailer

    Hi everyone,

    It's been a long time since I have not posted a message on the forum. I have indeed been very busy with the making of my first short film "Norway a Wonderland". I am very pleased to share with your the trailer and hope that you will all stay tuned for its release in a month.

    more info at

    All comments or questions are very welcomed

    thank you


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    First impressions - looks amazing, but sound a bit suspect. There was good searation between the sound of the music and the dialogue, but nevertheless the dialogúe got lost a bit.

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    I agree with Tim, it looked really good but I found it hard to hear the dialogue. I didn't get what was happening on 21st December, just that something was going to happen. Is it the end of the Mayan Calendar, so we're all going to have a big party ?

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