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Thread: Time-Line playback (slow motion exposes things)

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    Default Time-Line playback (slow motion exposes things)

    Slow Motion Demo and Faster Than Sight Objects - YouTube

    For years I have been trying to show off some of the Faster Than Sight objects that I captured on video. Obsessed almost. The result was changes to my software to allow for LARGE font text detailing the video segment that followed. Then just that part of the video played a number of times in slow motion and full speed. But that was too much even for experts. So now I provide a timeline playback control file. The links to the original videos and the executable program that runs with no prompts (Based on the file name of the program, all prompts are skipped). The files are loaded onto a USB stick and run from there. It runs on Windows PC and Linux systems. Maybe even MAC?

    Not only is it great for FTS video but for anything being displayed in a storefront window. Be it realestate or specialty sales items. When no audio is available 48 point slowed print text does the job.

    When you don't edit; there is no clutter of video snippets everywhere. Just the originals.

    Slow motion demo This link provides the info you need to see what you'd otherwise miss.
    By looking at the MPEG_VIDEOSmix.txt file the playback controls become more evident.

    Please please hunt your own FTS thingies; post the originals on and I'll watch 'em. Thanks
    Doug Pederson AKA SpectateSwamp
    Is it uncut nature video or a fabrication? To edit or not.

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    I am confused by the suggestion "But that was too much even for experts."
    This seems to be a rather complicated system for doing something which would normally be done using commonly used video editing software. I am also surprised that a Windows VB5 app can run under Unix. Am I misunderstanding something?

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