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Thread: Which editing software is the best??? please

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    Default Which editing software is the best??? please

    Forgive me if i have chosen the wrong forum but i couldn't see any other forum which would be relevant to my question.

    i'm looking for a software which can edit videos by cutting not only clips but parts of it. like cutting out the background and adding another background to it and stuffs like that.

    i have check sony vegas, pinnacle studio, etc but they dont seem to work.. which one is the best according to you? thank you

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    Basically you want an editing suite that supports multiple video tracks. Combine this with some rotoscoping software and you are just about there.

    You could do worse than Ulead MediaStudio 7 (complete with Video Paint for the rotoscoping part). Why not try out the 30 day trial from and see if its good for you.

    The Adobe Premiere fans on this forum will be able to tell you where to get a trial of that particvular software. Also Abode Premiere Elements is good, and it does the Mattes and Keying required, I don't think it will support the rotoscoping.

    Good luck

    PS Don't actually buy MediaStudio as I understand v8 is on the way and the overhaul is (alegedly) quite spectacular)
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    You'll need photoshop if you want to use rotoscoping with premiere.

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