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Thread: Distortion on video and flickering lights (Nikon D90)

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    Default Distortion on video and flickering lights (Nikon D90)

    Hi all,

    I've been using the D90 to capture some 'after footage' of my jobs upon completion (I'm a vehicle detailer) but appear to be struggling with a few things

    Firstly, 'strobe' flickering - caused by my fluorescent strip lights?

    See Rolls Royce highlights video: Rolls Royce Ghost - White Details - YouTube

    and more recently, distortion in cetain areas.

    See recent BMW highlights video (distortion starts @ 11s mark) BMW 320D Edition M-Sport - White Details - YouTube

    Can anyone help here? Work out what could cause the distortion and a way around the flickering lights? (lens? new filter?)

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thanks, Jim

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    To get rid of the flickering you need to change the shutter speed. If you have live view on the D90, use it to see which shutter speed you need to use before you start filming. Keep the shutter close to 50 if you can but knowing which speed is a trial and error thing as different lights will have different flicker rates.

    The distortion on the BMW video started when the head lights came on. So I'm wondering if there was some magnetic field interference from the electrics of the car affecting the camera. I don't know how good the shielding is on the D90 but it's to much of a coincidence for it to be anything else.

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