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Thread: I Will Provide Original Music for Free Use

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    Exclamation I Will Provide Original Music for Free Use

    I write and record music for fun but have been at it for 25 years. I will allow the use of my songs free of charge for your video needs. I don't have any of my music for sale so there is no catch here, it just allows me to spend more time working on what I enjoy by expanding it's use into other areas. My music is not specifically made for video, it is -in general - a style somewhat in the area of Pink Floyd/David Bowie. I am open to challenges of creating new music for specific project needs. Here are a few of my latest songs for reference, followed by a link to more music if you care to explore it further. Some of the songs are pre-production (Not fully mixed/mastered) but in general, this will give you the basic style (NOTE: Please contact before using anything so I can provide written permission for use as I am allowing free use but maintain my own copyrights. This also allows me to make sure you get the latest mixed version and in the appropriate format rather than low-grade mp3's etc...)


    Additional Songs can be heard here:

    I won't be offended if this doesn't fit into anyone's projects but thought I would offer support to fellow artists with what I have. If you find something interesting to you, I will be very pleased to be of help with your project(s).
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    Thanks for the offer, Mac. Many of the people here do it for love, not money and hence have zero budget so this is a great way to bring your music and their films to a wider audience.

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    Another thumbs up Mac for a generous gesture and another thumbs up for the music

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    Sounds good, I think you're a Final Cut lover ain't ya?

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    Thanks for the comments, I hope I can be of service.Stripe,you caught me, no hiding my Floyd influence! I am open to trying different styles to help specific needs though. As a 'for instance'- I have two songs that would be a good fit for film about Raoul Wallenberg or the interesting, and often tragic, subject about the long ongoing violence in Ireland and the issues surrounding that. I know, what are the chances of anyone working on those specific ideas at the moment? I'm just throwing out examples to show that I would be happy to try to help on a variety of subjects and fit the music style as needed. Pushing myself into different musical areas I might not usually go down on my own is great practice for me as a musician too so I'm happy to do it and at the budget point on offer, the recordings are of very useable quality We'll see if the need/interest is there but I'm available.

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