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Thread: Sorry, another family video

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    Default Sorry, another family video

    It's only fair I offer up my own videos for critique. Alas, the only subject of my videos continues to be my daughter. So here it is:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    the only subject of my videos continues to be my daughter.
    But what better reason to video?
    You always get such interesting compositions - who else here would have thought of including the shot at 0:25 in a kiddie compilation? Great stuff!

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    Great stuff Marc. This put a real smile on my face.

    I thought the shot of her tasting the wet wipe was very funny.

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    Must agree with Midnight, the wet wipe shot is AWESOME! Love her facial expression. You have an extremely cute daughter, which definitely helps the video.

    Were you shooting on a DSLR? There were a couple shots where the focus wasn't on and it was quite distracting I found. As cute as the shots were, there also wasn't a "story." I think maybe "a life in the day of a 6 months old (how old is she?)" would be great. See the day from start to finish, so frame all those clips with waking up and going to bed. Otherwise it is just a little home movie, rather than a great story.

    However, all that to say, your video angles were great! Definitely captured your daughter, her expressions and her bubbly little personality. The colouring was great too!

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    Agreed on all points. I would love to have the time to create a story, but it's very much a case of filming when I can and editing when I make time. The eventual idea is to create a day in the life that spans several years.

    filming with a dslr is a pain. I only do it as I take much more photos than video. I'm not good enough to track my little girl in focus, so there's quite a bit out of focus!

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    Really nice!! Some great shots for sure.... And many of us bought "camcorders" just when the babies invaded our homes, right? So that´s what video is primarily for! Next step: school parties!! Be prepared!!!

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    I was delighted to see all those reflections in the eyes (to me, it makes faces look better). I then marvelled at the quality of the indoors shots. Then I thought the eye reflections were looking very similar. Then I wondered - where is all that light coming from?

    Then; I posted my question here.

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    Just good old fashioned natural light.

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