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Thread: "Telekinetic" Sound Effect

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    Lightbulb "Telekinetic" Sound Effect

    Hi I currently play the Red Alert Franchise on my computer. I want to create the sound effect common known as "thought language"/"Telekinetic" language, know as this hehe:
    I am Yuri... Obey me - YouTube

    I need to record my voice and add these nice echoes and water in the background but how?
    I know how to make echoes in audacity but are you able to give me ideas which software fits best or how I can create the same hypnotic sound effect.

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    In audacity, add a bit of reverb and then add some phasing, if you get the settings right, you should end up with something like the example.

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    Midnight is spot on. I even downloaded Audacity to try it! Hardest thing with Audacity is that you can set up an "effects chain." The phasing actually needs to be done on the echo/delay, not on the voice itself. But, you can get pretty close by just stacking those three effects.

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