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Thread: Sony Vegas Audio Tutorials

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    Default Sony Vegas Audio Tutorials

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    Spam! Spam!

    Oh, you're not actually trying to sell anything, and it's relevant and full of useful tips and it's you Cheema.

    Two nice videos. Great tip about using delay FX to synchroize sound.

    My only regret is we couldn't really see the EQ & compression settings and you glossed over them rather quickly. I appreciate there is no magic bullet and every situation benefits from different settings but it would have been very intereting to see exactly what setting worked for you with these particular clips.

    Then again, you don't want to give too much away or we'll all be nicking your business

    Thanks for posting.

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    Tim, your right the EQ is to taste and I did mention this, I think I also mentioned about making sure the audio monitors are set to flat, to help get the sound right.

    The Compressor is set to -15 setting, I find that tends to work with most stuff.
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