First of all....I AM NOT A GAMER, NOR DO I OVERCLOCK. The newer GPU's I've been looking at brag about how great their cards are for gaming, but what about for video editing, and video playback, like in STUDIO 15? I did not know whether to park it here,or over at the Pinnacle Studio Forum, but this is about GPU Hardware, so here it goes.....

I like to use Studio 15 Ultimate, but had to remove it until I replace my five year old GPU, which I think is causing some issues.

A while back when I was having ghosting and hanging issues while working in STUDIO 15, I posted here thinking it may be an outdated GPU, Failing PSU, An old Core2 Duo Quad 6600 2.4 Ghz, or my GeForce 8600GT.

I was told this by one respondee,
"The impact as far as rendering video, not that much. A computer works as a "whole", not necessarily in "parts". You computer is capable of editing SD (standard def) footage. But moving up the ladder to HD, unless you are editing HDV (tape based), you will find it extremely hard to edit AVCHD without converting it to, say, mpeg2."

Since the Video card is synomonous with Video editing and video playback,rendering, and editing of such video, and not so much with using my Photoshop CS5,I am asking if buying a newer and faster GPU will improve my Pinnacle STUDIO experience, and prevent such crashing, ghosting and hanging issues, whenever I use the Studio 15 program.So, I do not know if there is such STANDARD, or only a personal preference, when it comes to shopping for a new graphics card.

I've been told I have a an underpowered one, which is GeForce 8600GT

Keep in mind that I do not over clock, nor do I play games. I may watch a DVD, streaming video, capture and edit Video using Pinnacle Studio15 Ultimate, as well as using Photoshop CS5 intensively, and could use some stability overall anyway. Something is causing my ''screen ghosting'' and ''Not Responding'' messages, some say It could be a graphic card failing. My PSU and Monitor are just fine.

Now knowing that my present card might contribute these issues, because of under-powerment, I'm seriously thinking of replacing it anyway. I was also told to look for the largest amount of CUDA CORES and make sure it's GDDR5, with plenty of onboard memory, so it's not stealing it from my Computer system's memory.

NVIDIA told me that the QUATRO GPU is faster, and better suited than other cards, BUT they are VERY expensive. They are used for higher ended apps like CAD, etc.

I may have this wrong, but I was also told that the GTX's were better for Gaming, and the GT, or GTS, were better for Graphics? Not sure, that's how confusing this is.


MAINBOARD ~ MSI P35 Platinum/Intel P35 Chipset Crossfire 1395 (MS-7345)

POWER SUPPLY ~ Thermaltake "TOUGHPOWER" 700W ATX 12V - 2.2 & EPS 12V
CPU ~ Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz (4 cpu's)


EVGA Nvidia Geforce 8600GT (512MB) DDR2 128-Bit
(Memory clock speed 700MHz / HDCP Capable PCI-e / Total memory 4071MB (Driver version 2-29-12 DirectX11


20" Viewsonic - VX2035WN
60Hz ( Screen Res. 1280 x 800) True Color (32 Bit)


Boot drive> WD SATAII - 74GB Raptor (10,000 rpms) 16MB > 4.6MS
Storage drive> WD SATAII - 2TB Green (7200 rpms)
Storage drive> WD SATAII - 500GB Caviar Blue (7200 rpms)
External drive > Seagate 3TB

Windows 7 Pro OEM (64 Bit) (6.1, Build 7601) SP1


American Megatrends Inc. v.1.10 / 11/10/08
Current Bios version - 1.A0 / VGA Bios v.


8GB DDR2 / PC6400 / 800MHz (8192 MB) RAM
Available Physical memory - 6.12GB
Paging file> 4463MB Used, 11917MB Available


Realtek High Definition Onboard Audio
CASE ~ Coolermaster CM 690 / ATX