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    Are there any good substitutes for MediaStudio Pro? I've tried several different video editors, and I don't like any of them nearly as well, but since my laptop is Windows 7, MSP is not available for it. I like the easy to use interface, and the amount of features available. I actually have Premiere Pro CS5, but it is way too hard to use, and it isn't worth my time to learn something so complicated for the amount of usage it would get. I couldn't even figure out how to get an animated title! (I use Photoshop a lot, and I like that Adobe product, but Premiere Pro CS5 isn't even similar to that!) I downloaded a trial of corel's Video Studio Pro X5, but I don't like it nearly as well, it doesn't have a lot of features that MSP does (of course its comparing a 70-dollar product to a 400-dollar product). I also have a trial version of Power Director that came with the computer, but it doesn't have all the features like the full version, so I couldn't even do anything with it. And any company that doesn't provide a fully functioning trial isn't worth anything in my opinion. I've never tried Vegas, because a lot of people say that it has a complicated interface. I don't know why all the video editors can't have a simple interface like MSP. I mean, even if they have a lot more features, at least they can make it easy to use those features!
    I suppose I could start downloading trials, but it would be a lot of installing and uninstalling different programs, which isn't too good for the computer. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions with software they already use.
    Thanks for any help.

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    I suggest you do start downloading and testing the trials to see which one suits your needs. Many of us use Vegas (Movie Studio Platinum or Pro) and like it, but you need to find out yourself about that "complicated interface" and the features the software has. Just like you tell us in your post that you did not like a couple of the other programs. The Vegas trial versions are fully functional, now for 15 days only though and with a watermark, at least in Pro. But start with the (Vegas) Movie Studio Platinum 12 trial and see what you personally think of it.

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    Agree - and follow the "Show Me How" tutorials which guide your mouse over the screen - and you can't cheat so it forces your hand (Oooer).
    Also there are many good Tutorial (linked to this sites posters) as well as YouTube....but I'd suggest you need to be selective, as many "qualities" are out there. When you find a Presenter that's speaking your level, make a note of their name/title to watch other subjects they cover.

    Even for Quickie Edits, I find VS easy to use - but that wasn't the cae from Day-1 . . . . learing this Budget Pro Software (my words) is well worth it and it lacks very few features, once you get used to playing with the Basics.

    Good luck.

    BTW and FWIW, the boxed VAAST DVD Tutorial should be viewed only after you have completed the Show Me How's -

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