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Thread: Syncing Audio and Video in Sony Vegas 10C

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    Default Syncing Audio and Video in Sony Vegas 10C

    My cousin and I have decided to dabble in the world of youtube Let's Playing. (Basically playing videogames and commentating on them for those who don't know), we've collected some footage and now it's up to me to put it all together. I'm a fairly fast learner when it comes to new programs, but I was hoping for a kick-start as it were.

    I have my self a copy of Sony Vegas Pro 10C, and I have a 5 hour-ish .mt2s video file made with my HD-PVR, and a 5 hour-ish .mp3 file. Because the recording is of two people there's faint game audio in the audio file, so I need to synchronise them up perfectly, I imagine this will involve tedious slight adjustments, so could anyone give me any handy tips or shortcuts to make video audio synching okay for my first time?

    I'll assume there's a decent guide on here already on what settings to use for the 'best' quality to render it in before uploading it to youtube as well? That's all I really want to do right now, nothing fancy.. just getting the audio file in it's proper synch, cutting up the 5 hours into 20-ish minutes segments and then rendering them.

    Any help for this newbie is most appreciated.

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    There is a plug in for Vegas that might help you. It's called Pluraleyes.

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    Unfortunately I can't really afford anything else at the moment, even if it does have a free trial. I don't mind dragging the audio until it's in sync, but is there a way to move the audio file under the video's audio file more preceisly? Just dragging it with the normal edit tool seems a bit heavy handed for this delicate task.

    Also because the game-audio is so low on the commentary track compared to the game-audio on the .m2ts file, I can't actually see the waveform.. it looks like a line, it's making it hard to sync as well, Is there a way to magnify a single track so I can see the waveform better?
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    This problem becomes easier if you zoom into the time line so movements are much smaller and you can see the wave form better.

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    Ah yes, this should possibly make it a bit more precise. My Mp3's audio still isn't really visible whatever I do though, as I said it's faint. Yet still enough to cause echoing if it's not synced properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xirix View Post
    Ah yes, this should possibly make it a bit more precise. My Mp3's audio still isn't really visible whatever I do though, as I said it's faint.
    Right click on the mp3 event, gos to Switches | Normalize. This will bring the loudest parts of the wav up to 0dB and should make it visible (unless you already have some parts up at 0dB). You can alsways turn off nrmalization after syncing.

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    Hi, welcome...
    It's not much help, but maybe redoing the "take" will give you better material to work with. It may seem like more work, but could be a whole lot easier (and Quicker!) than struggling with problem material.

    Lack of experience with software (er, and maybe taking the footage in the first place) are things that cause much agony as you are trying to "catch-up" - I wonder that OP shouldn't consider revisiting the project a-new and by learning from the first-take?

    Maybe other Posters can suggest improved techniques... that way the shots will be far easier to Work.

    Sorry if that isn't really the answer you hoped for.

    I use Vegas Studiov10 - - -FWIW..
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    I'm assuming your audio track has good levels of commentary but hyper low levels of game audio?

    In which case you need to normalise a section of the faint stuff only. Maybe 5-10 seconds, then use that to sync with the video track. (Just highlight 10 seconds of the track and do as Tim suggested). Currently you can't normalise the whole track enough because the commentary is probably already close to 0db. Remember to go back and silence the 10 seconds you normalised.

    Another way is to use a good wave editor to filter out the game noise, but you are dealing with a massive file size here, so the above method is simpler.

    How are you recording the mp3? You need to introduce a noise canceller/compressor in the recording chain so this doesn't happen again, so you get clean voice that can then be normalised nicely. Then your sync problem is almost non existent.

    Oh and when synced up, group the 3 tracks (1xvideo, 2xaudio) so that any future mouse slip won't throw them out of sync again. You can then chop away at the timeline and pick out highlight edits etc without needing to sync again. Or render the synced project and re-import it as a single movie in a new project.
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    You can use Brorsoft MTS/M2TS converter to change M2TS video to Sony Vegas .

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    Default hi

    hello mate, try with Pluraleyes
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