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Thread: Vegas Movie Studio renderings are HUGE

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    Default Vegas Movie Studio renderings are HUGE

    I am having such difficulties trying to color grade an existing avi and export it [render it].. I hope someone can help me. I have tried for two days.

    I'm using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, and the color correction was the easy part, I'm pleased with the changes. Rendering it has become my Nemesis. In 45 minutes time, it rendered 5% at over 3GB. From what I've gathered from reading various short articles, I am rendering my video uncompressed. I just can't find instructions on rendering it compressed using Vegas Movie Studio.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Tip

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    Try selecting a compressed format like mpeg2, mpeg4, wmv these will give you a vastly reduced size file size than an uncompressed .avi.

    There are many templates you can experiment with. Make a loop region of about 10 seconds and tick the render loop region only so you can compare the quality against file size to see which seems best to you.

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    Standard avi is not uncompressed. It has intra-frame compression. Uncompressed avi is truly huge.
    What is your source footage (codec)?
    What do you need to render to/what is the destination of your edited footage?
    If yu're editing as avi, what template/settings are you using?

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