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    Alright guys, let me just fill you in very quickly on what this is about.

    So pretty much, in my city (Riverside, CA) there is a project, from November 1st, 2012, to January 31st, 2013 ; to submit your video against expressing art illegally. Tagging, Graffiti, etc.

    Create a :60 second PSA that will inform and motivate teens to express themselves creatively through legal art. The video should align with the contest theme, “Art, express yourself legally.” The video should contain 3-5 facts from this tool kit about graffiti prevention, removal, enforcement or alternatives to graffiti vandalism.

    Video Submission Guidelines can be found here :
    Submissions -

    Alright, so heres my main point. The way this works,

    1st place receives $1,000
    2nd place receives $500
    3rd place receives $250

    Now honestly, no one gives two fucks about this. This is primarily outreached towards high school and middle school students, and no one wants to do anything outside of school to make a video against tagging. Only 9 people submitted their videos last year, only NINE. Honestly, thats nothing. Their videos were crap. If you'd like to see the video they made, scroll down.

    So what I would like to do.. I already have a very High Definition Camera, not the best, but definitely not the worst. 16.1 MegaPixels, with 32gb of storage, at 30 mb/ps write speed. I already brainstormed, wrote down, everything I needed to do on a piece of paper. I am already in an Advanced Video Production class, and I am an intern for the school districts media. So I will be able to do the whole project, get the footage, shots, and all. The only thing I need help with is the editing.

    I have Sony Vegas Pro 11, but I mean I've hardly touched it. I've used it once before to play around with it, I made a snowboard compilation. It wasn't that bad, but I am more of a graphic designer. I play with CS5 currently, that is my area of expertise.

    I am proposing $250 or 25/75 % of the profit to anyone who would like to help me out with this. I have a verified PayPal linked with my Bank Account, so thats the method of payment.

    Its a VERY simple project, so If you're a professional, or expert at video editing with programs like Aperture, or Final Cut Pro, etc. This should be simple for you. Very quickly, so you can get a rough idea, I plan to need help with the editing, so the slow motion effects, because I plan to have someone spray painting a canvas, from a good angle. Image Collage, I want a black background, with images popping up every second with different/random images. Smooth, natural video editing. .

    So if you are interested, please REPLY or PRIVATE MESSAGE for details.

    Wow this one wasn't bad.. I liked this one.
    First Place

    Second Place

    Third Place
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