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    Hi guys,
    I've had a gopro for a while and want to make some decent videos from my footage with it. I have a mac and have used imovie until now, but want something that I have a little more control and settings to tinker with. I tried the 30 day free trial of FCPX and loved it; sadly it's far out of my price range. What's the best software I can get for under $100?
    Also, I know that a lot of people put their videos through more than 1 software or something like to get the video to look it's best. Is this practical, or possible at my price range to have a workflow with more than one software in it?
    Any input is great, Thanks

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    Because you use a Mac your options are limited. I don't use a Mac so I only know of the two you have also tried. You can use Adobe Premiere Elements on a Mac but again I haven't used it but I hear it's ok. You can give the trial version a go to see what you think.

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