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    The city where I live has an annual "illuminating" event. Which is basically projecting things on buildings and putting some lights in trees.

    The first time I had a go at filming this I'd forgotten to charge my battery so was short of footage. This year I had just over an hour to capture the flavour of the night because the wife and child got to cold but I think I got enough footage this time apart from close ups of peoples faces.

    Hope you like it.

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    Loved it, made me want to go there and have a look for myself.

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    Thanks Rob. I'm glad you liked it.

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    These must be very difficult scenes to film. I assume the camera's own 'auto' setting might be useless in these circumstances; and given all the different scenes, I cannot guess how you know what settings (shutter speed/exposure) you would use. Or is it a case that almost anything would do.
    I liked the silhouetted people. Looked good to me. And I liked the colours. I am bound to ask, given the low light, do you add a little contrast and colour saturation? Afterall, given the subject matter, strict colour control would not be needed.

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    Wonderful, Midnight.
    I've seens everal of these where the video captures the projection show really well, but what I like about this is the way you've created your own video around it. Like TimA I loved the silhouetted people especically. Great opening too.

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    I am bound to ask, given the low light, do you add a little contrast and colour saturation?
    Not on this piece. I found the colours were ok straight from the camera. I've found that using a DSLR, I have an extra tool to use in these circumstances (low light). I usually shoot at 25 fps with a shutter speed set to 50. I have to have the iris fully open to get as much light as I can, except when pointing it at the projectors.

    I use the ISO to set the exposure as I see it in the view finder and cross my fingers that I'm right. As you say auto mode probably wouldn't be much good in a shoot like this but because I'm use to shooting in full manual mode with my other camera so this isn't so much of an issue for me. The only problem I have is that I could do with a bigger monitor to help me get focus and judge exposure better.

    Thanks to both of you for watching. The "silly-wets" is my favourite shots as well.

    Did you guys see the version with the aerial shot at the end ?
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    Hi MB


    York looked magical and you captured it perfectly ......... well done !
    Am I right in thinking that must of been very hard to shoot ????

    I agree with "The Tims" (ie) silhouetted people ... really liked that.

    The music was simple and added to the magical visuals in my opinion .... you don't seem to have a problem finding great music to accompany your videos MB is it a gift or hours of hard work and lots of experimenting?
    Probably a bit of both I imagine.

    Not brown nosing by the way just being honest

    I really liked how you used the simple bulbs to give the blurring effect on close up like how you ended the video ..... very effective and added an extra dimension to the other wonderful lighting ...

    Looks like team MB had a great time in York ...... damn right

    P.s - Have you mentioned to Tim yet about selling his house so we can get the big ass lens ....

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    The only hard part was putting up with the cold, when you get to my age you really feel the cold.

    The other hard part was having to learn to fly for the shot at the end. I took lessons from Superman.

    Glad you liked it Bob.

    PS. Tim doesn't know that I've put his house on the market yet. It's hard to co-ordinate viewings for when he's not there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Did you guys see the version with the aerial shot at the end ?
    I had assumed you had long arms, or were trying out a hitherto unknown plugin called 'distancizer'.

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    Get your thermals on MB Winter is upon us !!!!!!!
    Wondered how you did that bit .... good thinking.... I wish I could fly.

    Yes your right it will be awkward don't worry I will list it on ebay its 0% insertion fees so I can start the bidding @ 1,000,000 ... we have just saved a fortune already off the profit to buy the big ass.
    Tim will own it to ... only fair ...

    Tim I think you shoudl patent the "The distancizer".... could be big

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