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Thread: Mixing AVCHD and SD avi

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    Hello everyone,

    I am shooting a video on mini DV, and have a few clips that I've filmed in HD, mainly to use the larger frame size to create movement. These look good when doing so, however when I export them alongside the SD footage into an avi file, either from premiere or afx, the quality severely reduces. including the footage going very soft and washed out, and some strange artifacting in places. I'm wondering if there's any way to solve this at any stage in the process?


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    Are you rendering to HD or SD ? What editing software are you using ?

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    Both are answered in my post. Back to avi from premiere or after effects, either program gives the same result

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    If you are cropping and reducing resolution and presumably bit rate, you have to expect some reduction in image quality. If you could post a before and after example, we could judge if it is excessive or not. Having said that you may be able to improve things with different render settings but we would need to know what they are first.

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    But I'm not scaling up the HD footage further than 100%, and like I said the footage seems a lot better in the preview window. I am exporting back to SD avi, standard settings for doing so

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    That's right, you are not scaling up the HD footage, you are scaling it down if you are rendering to "standard .avi" what ever that means. ie taking a 15/25mb/s 720/1080p footage down to 480i at what ever bit rate.

    I understand you have some sort of issue but your not helping us to help you. You need to take the time to give us your exact specific render settings at the very least. In fact I'm done with you for now.

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    is the HD footage compressed in any way (like it is on canon EOS DSLR), in that case, you want to convert it into something more "workable" (I use mpeg streamclip along with an avid codec), footage straight from the camera is not edit-friendly. but that is if you use that kind of camera, I wouldn't know with some other equipment, but it's likely to be the same, unless you use professional/expensive stuff. in which case you probably wouldn't be asking that question to begin with.

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