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    Default First Found Footage Attempt

    So this is my first attempt at found footage, probably wont do many more unless I have something really solid since its generally pretty overdone at this point. I'd appreciate some feedback, try to look past the acting, I know it isn't the best. I'd much rather hear about the writing, editing and everything else.

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    I think you made a good job of what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I think you made a good job of what it is.
    On the script front, a couple of things stood out as unnatural (to my ears).
    1."Ever since our parents passed away two months afgo I've been having these nightmares". If she's just recounting it for their own benefit, this is too informative (more likey "Since mum/mom and dad/pop died, I've been having...") Alternatively, if she's recording it for a wider audience, she'd probably be a bit more detailed and structured (eg. "I'm Britney and I'm with my sister Rebecca. Our parents died [in a car accident] two months ago and ever since Ive been having these nightmares. The line you use sounds more like a written line - something you might read in a novel.
    2. "What did you see? Did you think it was the man without a face that you were going on about?" Here you've fallen into the trap of telling the audince what someone is thinking by putting it into dialogue. More natural (to my ears) would be "Was it him? The man? The faceless man?" The one in your nightmares?" Althogh even that is far too literal - spelling it out if you like. Let the audience work a bit, perhaps shoft some of the line to Britney "It was ...face.."

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    loved it

    I prefer analog video distortion myself (snow, horizontal hold problems, etc.) but the digital distortion works well too (and makes more sense)

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    Looks good.... Blair style...and I don´t mean your past PM.

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    Thanks, especially Tim. Really good pointers on the script. I might make another one, maybe do a bit of a miniseries. Though I'll probably just keep an overview of what I want so the lines come out more natural.

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