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Thread: Sony Vegas crashing with 7970 when previewing and editing videos

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    Default Sony Vegas crashing with 7970 when previewing and editing videos

    I recently bought a HD7970, and converted from intel hd3000 graphics. Ever since I switched to the 7970 when ever I play the preview of a project I am working on in Vegas 11, 12 or HD platinum 11 the visuals freeze after about 10 secs while audio continues to play and when I click the pause button the program just locks up for a while before doing it eventually again at random. Even when importing one single video file at 480p about 2min long while playing it locks up. I'm using a i7 2600k and was previously using hd3000 graphics and had no probs with vegas apart from the usual crashing randomly after Long periods or use. I've updated my 7970 to the catalyst 12.11 drivers, I tried 12.8, 12.6 and even 12.1 drivers and the problem is still there. Could someone please tell me what the problem might be or how I can fix this, may I be missing some important software because. When i revert to using the hd300 igpu everything seems fine.

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    I had a similar issue especially when working with stills in Vegas. I think it's something to do with the way Vegas was using the available memory BUT this was because the operating system settings were wrong (even though they were the default settings). I used a program called WinASO registry Optimiser,(free download) which has a utility to optimise your system with one click of a button. This did whatever was needed to clear the problem for me. BUT I don't know exactly what it did.

    I'm not part of the company that produces the software, it just worked for me.

    While this may not solve your issue, which could also be driver related, it may help.

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