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Thread: "jamais dans glacons" short film shoted in paris/france / test eos c300

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    Default "jamais dans glacons" short film shoted in paris/france / test eos c300

    hello, bonjour !

    "never without ices"

    there is two links of short film i made testing the canon eos c300

    that was shoted with the canon eos C300, a very impressive camera !!! really nice to use BUT im really waiting for the black magic design !!!!!!

    have fun watching
    links :

    there is a second one shoted the same day

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    I love the way you take us half way into the video before revealing what's going on.

    Well done. Looks good.

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    Interesting colouring. I didn't like it at first but it became very effective. I wonder whether one of the advantages of having a separate title sequence on a film is it can reduce the "shock" of suddenly going to unnatural colours.
    Does the C300 have a balance problem? Virtually every shot was tilted silghtly to the left. I spotted this immediately and unfortunately it became a distraction from what was otherwise a rather nice dramatic piece.

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