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Thread: Software sought for finding matching audio

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    Default Software sought for finding matching audio

    I'm editing a video series which has camera sound and separately recorded sound. The camera sound is not great quality - a bit hissy and full of echoes - but the separate sound is fine, except that it is unlogged, and exists as just a few massive computer files. I'm trying to find the corresponding sounds from the separate sound to replace the camera sound, and it is taking a-g-e-s. After two long days of tedious work, I've managed to replace just a couple of minutes of sound (there are quite a few cuts in this project). Can you recommend any software that will enable me to select a clip of camera sound and then get the software to search through the separate sound to find the corresponding bit?

    I've just downloaded some free software I found on the web, but it only searches within a file, so does not do the job. I don't mind paying for software if it works well. The editing software I am mainly using is Pinnacle Studio 11 (once part of the Avid family, but now in strange limbo), but I've not come across anything that works within it as a 'plug-in'. I'm probably after a stand-alone piece of software.

    I've tried to contact Pinnacle directly about this, but it seems that this cannot be done. They send me to Corel, who send me back to Pinnacle. They have no e-mail address and refuse to give technical advice over the 'phone.


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