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Thread: RetroBouchon - Promo for Horror Short Film

  1. Default RetroBouchon - Promo for Horror Short Film

    Hello people,

    The Promo video for our horror short film, RetroBouchon, which is currently in production is now online!

    We are also running an online crowd funding campaign. For more details click here: RetroBouchon | Indiegogo

    Thanks for watching and please help us spread the word!!

    Ruan Lotter
    twitter: @ruanlotter
    youtube: Tunnelvizion TV - YouTube
    facebook: Tunnelvizion TV | Facebook
    indiegogo: RetroBouchon | Indiegogo

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    Looked good. Drew me in. That's what a trailer/promo is meant to do right?
    The accent of the narrator worked in the film's favour, in my opinion.

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    Agree with Tim. I thought it looked like it will be an interesting film.

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