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Thread: Booze Culture - Alcohol Awareness Film

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    Default Booze Culture - Alcohol Awareness Film

    This is a short film I filmed and edited for a client. It was made to raise alcohol awareness. Comments are much appreciated.

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    I think it's a good over all production as I'd expect from you guys. Some of the acting wasn't top notch ie line delivery seemed a bit wooden in places. The notable exception is the girl who plays Rachel. I see a real talent in her.

    One thing that did strike me immediately is your logo shown at the beginning of a piece like this seemed in appropriate. It made me think I was going to be watching a comedy. I know it has some significance to you guys but ..... I've already said about this before so I won't go on at you. The titles at the end are in a very large font. This is ok if the video is only intended for YouTube but if it's to be viewed on a large screen you should scale them down.

    The fact that I'm talking about logos and fonts shows how these isn't much wrong with the movie it's self, so well done.

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    A good effort. Whilst watching I wondered how you'd got hold of the police uniforms (when some of our group tried it, they found there was simply too much red tape to cut through for the purposes of what was only going to be a club comedy) then I see you had the real thing involved. All credit to them for getting nvolved in a public service film like this. I take it they had some say in the script.

    As Midnight says the acting left something to be desired at times, although "Rachel" was consistantly excellent. I don't think the acting was helped by the script. The dialogue said what it needed to but I feel should have been read through several times with the cast and tidied up to make it more realistic - it was close, but not quite natural. (A glaring example - "What time does the party start", "Er, I think it's about eight", "Right. Then we'll leave at a quarter to eight". We'ce established that Rachel and the girls are being dropped off somewhere - the family clearly know where so adding "the party" in the mother's line is only for the audience's benefit. However the audience don't need to now yet that it's a party (and it's not a bad idea to leave a minor mystery). The "I think" might be a figure of speech although to my ear's its unnatural as (especially in this context she's looking for a lift) she'd know. But worse is the father's response. If you got the actors to read through the lines, I'm sure you'd revise it to something more like: "What time does it start?", "About eight", "Right. We'll leave at a quarter to"

    Note: I'm being really picky, because I can see you have thought the dialogue through very well, but are just missing the final piece.

    I like that you've given dad a reason to have to go to the office, but the lines again seem designed purely to show that he has a reason to go to the office (and actually this is entirely superfluous to the story).

    The line about putting the phone down while were eating made me laugh - I don't know whether this was intentional but the idea of chastising the son for texting when they're all sitting around eating from their laps whilst watching TV seemed hilarious.

    Karen was definitely smirking when after her assailant was removed!

    But there were also some nice naturalistic touches which worked well - Rachel taking the car key from dad was a case in point (although spoiled by the rather awkward move where he retrieves the key from her over the door hinge rather than inside the car as would be more atural.

    You didn't quite manage to get the party atmosphere. I suppose it's summer in Scotland and it's only 8pm and the sun doesn't set until midnight, but I'd have killed the light a bit to give it a bit more atmosphere. I did like the change of pace when they hit the shots.

    The PC spoke his lines a bit too fast. It was probably OK for the odd one-liner, but for the speech that it was, it was difficult to take it all in.

    I thought it was filmed and edited well with good sound and plenty of variety of shots. Well done for getting so many people involved - and make sure you use Rachel again, not only was she a good actress, but here eyes give her a very obvious presence.

    I know Midnight has a bee in his bonnett about your logo. Personally I don't think it detracts so long as it is not integrated into the film.

    On the other and I am never keen on seeing anyone's name more than once (at a pinch twice) in technical credits. it looks like padding or worse an ego trip.

    Filmed & Directed by Graeme Noble
    Written by John-William Noble

    Produced by the Noble Brothers

    says just as much (editing is implied and if they really want to know, they can ask) and is much neater.

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    Thanks for the comments you two. I appreciate you both taking time out to watch the film

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