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    Hey guys,

    Here is a new comedy film. You'll be happy to know I got an actual actor in this time

    Synopsis: Stan, 26, tall, kind and outgoing seeking similar. Don't be put off by the zombie features, I don't even like brains.

    This film was made for the short film competition. The theme this year is 'Ambition'. In this mockumentary style dating video we follow Stan and how he explains his zombie situation and how he still hasn't given up on looking for love. Ambition knows no bounds.

    Written, Edited and Directed by
    Callum Thomson (@cal_t1)

    Starring Joseph Maudsley (@JosephMaudsley)
    Callum Thomson

    Camera Operator
    Patrick Shelton

    Sound Mixer
    Ant Richardson

    Make-up Artist
    Emma Heath

    BTS Operator
    Jack Kenna

    Original Music by
    Graeme Osborne
    Graeme Osborne Composer

    Let me know what you think

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    Nice job fellas.

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    Thanks buddy

    No responses from Tim yet. I thought he'd be all over this

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctbullet View Post
    No responses from Tim yet. I thought he'd be all over this
    I didn't really know what to say! I thought the concept was good. The execution .. no so sure.

    On the one hand the script made the talent suitably awkward, but on the other hand because of this it was all rather flat.

    There were no laugh out loud moments (and I usually get one or two from you guys)
    It was well acted, but I think it missed the dead pan (pun intended) interaction between the two of you (or occasionally more)

    The best moment for me was the cut away to being chased down the street.

    I think the idea of a dating video for a zombie is a good one, but I think it needs to be taken somewhere.

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    For me the pace was too slow, which made the concept seem laboured. I think the zombie talking to camera was fine, but the cutaways needed to be shorter, more frequent, and add impact. They need to be a complete juxtaposition to the normality of the talking head shot.

    In terms of the joke, do we know the protagonist is a zombie? Is it crystal clear? He looks and acts too normal. For example, I think he should say, "but I do like brains" rather than I don't as a throwaway comment at the end of one sentence.

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    Have to disagree with you on this Tim. I thought it hit the mark just right. Playing it very straight kind of like "The Office" made it for me.

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    I'm sorry you didn't like it guys.

    I'll be honest it's a very different type of comedy than you're used to from me. And yes it has been quoted as very 'Brentesque' (from 'The Office').

    I wanted to try something different and really focus on the directing rather than acting myself.

    I'll be using Joe again in future projects which you may find a bit more laugh out loud. Stay tuned

    Why not check out our BTS video too?

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