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    I've just started using Movie Studio 9 and am most impressed (now that I'm beginning to get my head around it !).

    Would welcome any advice on making the experience better still.


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    Use the tutorials and the extensive help available in the program. It will save you a lot of time. If you really get stuck with a specific problem there is a lot of help available on here.

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    Ditto MB.

    Have fun! - It's a terrific package you've got there.

    ... ...

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    Thanks, you're right, this is brilliant stuff.

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    My site has plenty of tips, training also available

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    Thanks, looks good.

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    Hi, Welcome . . .
    All good stuff, but I wonder that you shouldn't be using a more-recent "Studio" version? . . . beyond v10 Sony included 1080p . . v10 was 1080i.
    Not sure what standards v9 accepted, but Op is learning with software that's at least 2-years old.
    v12 also claims it has better routines as well as support for (Win7) 64-bit OS and a few Graphics cards are able to speed-up rendering....these features are probably of little use in early-learning (of VS), but I'd suggest that v11 Production Suite is something OP should aim for ASAP...the Additional SoundForge software certainly is a fav of mine for fixing Audio.
    Do other Posters agree?

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    Thanks VM, I probably will move on later. I initially started when I found some old Vid 8 tapes and a previous Sony Handicam. I copied the tapes to DVD via a Liteon for TV viewing. Realising how "bitty" (?) they were I thought I'd tweak them up a little. The present Studio was had on eBay for a try-out by me ( 15 new ), have since got enthusiastic and more ambitious. I do feel Studio is OK for me at the moment, I've already got Soundforge. Who knows ?

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