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Thread: 1440x1080 vs 1980x1080

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    Default 1440x1080 vs 1980x1080

    Hi all

    as the title suggest i just need to get an idea of the difference, as Im using a Sony DSLR and filming in AVCHD gives me 1980x1080 but on my mac i need to convert when i need the file to play on my ipad or if I go for the MP4 1440x1080 i can use on my mac and ipad no problem at all and do my editing.

    but before i start editing or converting is there much difference between the two and their quality.


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    Providing you set the correct pixel aspect ratio, you shouldn't notice any difference on an iPad. BUT I don't see why you have to use 1440 x 1080 for an iPad doesn't it use square pixels ? I don't see why a Mac can't play 1920 x 1080.

    I'm confused.

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    hi Midnight Blue

    with recording to AVCHD on a Sony DSLR Its not a format recognized by Mac or Ipad so i have to get a converter for the mac and then convert it for use on my Ipad so a longer process and possible loss of quality.

    Using the MP4 works straight away on Mac and Ipad so no problem but didnt know if the 1440x1080 would cause problems later when editing.


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    I understand that you need to convert so you can edit on a Mac, I just didn't get why you wanted to change the resolution to 1440 x 1080. You would be better keeping 1920 x 1080 if you can as the more changes you introduce the chance of image degradation.

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    sorry i think i have confused you.

    My Sony DSLR camera can shoot video in AVCHD 1980x1080 and MP4 1440x1080. if i shoot in AVCHD then i have to convert the footage etc but if i shoot the video in MP4 i dont have to convert the video at all the only issue is size is 1440x1080 and i didnt know if that made a big difference.

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    Right now I understand. It all depends on what you convert the AVCHD into, if you use a good codec like ProRes then I would go down that route. I think it would be better that using the 1440 x 1080 as you would probably want a 1920 x 1080 in the end any way.

    Sorry about my confusion, in my defence, I'm old and stupid.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue, I give ProRes a go...

    No need to be sorry i think i had much to do with confusing you after rereading my post lol

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