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    I recently finished doing this piece for a remix of Papercutz - Rivers.

    There is no live action involved in this video, but i just wanted to know of what you guys thought on the way the overall video was put together.
    Do let me know your thoughts.


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    I quite like this. Just as I would think "ok I've had enough of this", you would make a big change to the animation. I'm wondering why you kept it back & white all the way through ?

    Well done this is a good job.

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    Thanks Midnight
    I quite liked the black and white look, i thought it went well with the music and how i wanted to present it visually. I had a colored version of this too, but i preferred to keep it black and white.

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    I enjoyed that, and am curious what software you used.
    A difficulty I have found with this kind of animation is the relationship between the musical components and the animated movements. From very early on in the clip, my brain was busy associating the changes in the visual shapes to relate to the notes/intensity/instruments. Whether intended or not, I found it very satisfying when it occured. But, there was also places where instruments did not seem to have much (or any) effect (e.g. when the 'vocorder' singers appear). During those occasions, I had to stretch my imagination to believe there was a relationship between the music and the animation.

    I don't want to appear critical, because I thought your video was very good. But, I felt that sometimes it would not have mattered what music you had used. Given the complexity of the piece; I get the awful feeling that we have only seen 50% of your cleverness.

    I believe you were right not to include colour. That would added lots of new dimensions which would need arranging into the visualisation.
    I look forward to seeing more.

    And IMHO, the music was horrible; but was an excellent vehicle for your animation.

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    Thanks Tim, glad you liked it
    I used cinema 4d and after effects to do this.
    Yes the intention was to do the animation in sync with the music. You might be right about the animation during the vocals, it doesn't match much with any of the instruments. There i actually tried to work with the pace of the music, since vocals was the main highlight.
    I will try to make it even better, if i get a chance to do something like this the next time.
    It would be great if you could check out my facebook page. Hope you like some of the stuff in there

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