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Thread: Check out Foxsta's New Music Video "Problems"

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    Default Check out Foxsta's New Music Video "Problems"

    Check out this new music video. Feedback welcomed. Enjoy.

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    How come a black rapper can say the word nigger and no one takes any notice but if I said it there would be an out cry ? I'm just askig as an old fart like me doesn't understand these things.

    I've seen this type of video a million times. Just about every rap video follows this format. I'm not saying there is anything particularly wrong with this production, it's just that it's the same as all the other rap videos on YouTube. The guy stood in front a graffiti filled wall etc. You tend to frame your shots so the talent is a bit high in the frame, was this deliberate ? Convention is to usually put the eye line at 1/3 of the screen, which you did some times but I just noticed a trend to frame a bit high in some shots.

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