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    Default OnlyEffects - Humorous VFX videos!

    Hey guys!

    We have just released a new video to YouTube - Complete Tool.

    We're kinda new to this, but we're having a great time making short, humorous vfx videos. We were wondering if you could check out our channel and give any feedback, both positive and negative is welcome! If you like our stuff please subscribe, like and comment with any ideas/thoughts/suggestions!

    Any particular thoughts on our introduction would also be especially welcome, as after looking at our analytics, it seems many people watch our introduction and switch off. We recently changed our introduction to make it more interesting, but please let us know what could do with improvement, be it timing or length, sound or placement within the video!

    Please don't forget to check out our previous 3 videos - "Storyboarding", "Maturity is Overrated" and our first one, which we're especially proud of, "Sam's New Jetpack" and again, comment on any improvements/thoughts/things you generally wanna comment on!

    We're also on Facebook (Only Effects | Facebook) and
    Twitter (, so feel free to contact or comment on any of these platforms!


    Rob, Sam and James - Only Effects

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    I think a lot of people on YouTube that are interested in this type of video will have very short attention spans. One way to overcome the issue of switching off at the titles is to show 5 seconds of something really good at the beginning then show your titles but only for 5 seconds. Keep your videos down to 2 mins tops.

    You action sequences looked very staged, This is mostly down to the editing. When you cut to a shot don't leave it so long before the action starts. It may only be a few frames but tightening up this side of things will help to sell the thing better. The other big issue is the sound needs to be better. Just using the on camera mic isn't good enough these days when you see what the competition are doing you need to really pull out all of the stops to get a lot of YouTube views.

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    Agree with MBP, it's kinda slow for the genre... even the opening slate felt really-really slow for me. Scene wise I found some good choices.

    Also, I recommend disabling ads on your videos if they have no chance to become really viral - you woun't make any money of it, but might annoy some of your audience.

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