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Thread: 1 Minute Moon III

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    Default 1 Minute Moon III

    I shot the moon again.

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    Nicely done! Where are the close ups?

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    Very funny.

    Someone posted a great video a few weeks ago on here, that they had shot using a 1000mm lens which looked great. Sadly I only have a 300mm.

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    Btw, I felt that if you add motion to the background fog, you'd have more depth. I'd try moving the fog in the opposition direction (to the moon)...

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    By fog I presume you mean the clouds.

    I did think about this but if I move the clouds in the opposite direction to the moon, it would be travelling in the opposite direction to the clouds moving across the face of the moon. So I thought against it but I do agree having some movement to the background clouds would add something.

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    Another great moon video ........ and music too ....
    A small section like 3-5 seconds would make a good intro to a sci film.

    Sounds to me that you really need to get 1000 mm lens ... Mrs M must appreciate this request ...... or after your new Nikon would that request be inappropriate borderline dangerous!

    Great video Mb

    To be absolutely honest I prefer your previous moon videos if i had to choose but I really like this version too.

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    What about this one Bob


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    No were talking !!!
    Lets go halves....MB
    I will be able to take pictures of Halle Berry get changed in Washington with that big boy!!!
    Is that wrong of me ....
    What I meant to say was I will be able to take some wonderful stills of the wildlife in my Garden.

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    I don't know how much it costs but I think it's in the 10's of thousands. I may have to sell Tim's house to be able to afford it.

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    I suspect a Moon moving through the dark sky, part obsured by different layers of 'clouds' (probably all moving in the same direction; but at different speeds) is one of the few areas where CGI is likely to give a more pleasing result.
    Despite MB's fantastic camera skills; the actual image of the moon is not very crisp (afterall, the moon is c220k miles away and there is lots of atmospheric interference). And, worst of all - the moon does not actual do anything other than traverse part of the screen.
    I ain't grumbling, but I wonder if videoing the moon is a form of lunacy.

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