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    I like this a lot in that it's shot well and cut together well BUT it's far too long. Which makes what could have been a great little movie into a bit of a drag. You obviously didn't take any notice of my last post to you. For example the scene were he's remembering first meeting the girl was really well conceived but the story could have and should have been told in half the time.

    Ok this would have meant leaving some really nice shots out of the video but that's what editing is all about. Tell the story don't just shoehorn as many shots into a scene as you can.

    I think this lead me to loose the plot and was confused about the end. Was it something like he was dead but didn't realise ?

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    I liked it. Great colors! I loved the soundtrack! One thing I'd improve I would replace the lower-third you show in the beginning with something else (and why did it disappear so fast?).

    It also felt kinda long to me... I guess one must be in a mood to watch it.

    ... but still, great job.

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    I don't understand it. Presumably we're jumping around in time but I don't see any signposts.
    I *think* boy meets girl. She disappears for some unexplained reason. He dies for some unexplained reason. She visits his grave flll of regret. Is that it? What have I missed?

    Nice colours. Great music. Good acting.

    But for my taste:
    Didn't like the overly wobbly shots. Didn't like the inclusion of loads of shots that do nothing but show you can shoot with a very shallow depth of field. Didn't like many of the edits - the jump cuts in particular - especially those in the restaurant, why make a sequence which is supposed to show the couple "in love" jerky like that? It makes no sense to me. But mainly, I probably wasn't paying attention as I lost interest because it really dragged.

    I reckon you could use the same material, edit it in teh same style, and make a much better 3 minute film.

    Sorry, I really wanted to like it and I can see the amount of effort you've put in to directing the cast, finding great locations, filming and editing, but it just didn't work for me.

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    thanks, yes is to long next time beter

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