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Thread: sony vegas transparent video (background)

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    Default sony vegas transparent video (background)

    Hey! Im new here, and I got a bit of a problem, I made a transparent animation, In Cinema 4d (transparent background). and Imported It In sony vegas to edit It a bit.
    and when I was done I rendered It as mp4. I wanted to use this video (animation) In Xsplit, It's a streaming program. but when I imported It In to xsplit, the background was black, not transparent. so I opened the mp4 file with sony vegas, and noticed It wasnt transparent there either, It was black there too, so Im simply wondering why Isnt It transparent Is It the format mp4 It's wrong with or something? also tested with wmv but didnt work.

    I'd be really greatful If someone could give me some help thanks!

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    Look at the specs for the contents of that MP4. My guess it wont support the ALPHA channel for tranparency.

    I use:

    A] QT and the ANimation setting - Small File.

    B] VfM AVI Uncomped - MASSIVE File.

    Another way, which I haven't used is to produce a series PNGs. PNG supports an ALPHA (transparent) Channel.

    Once you've got the File back open on the VEgas Timeline you will need to MANUALLY click on the Event and Select the Properties for the Event > Media > ALPHA > select "Premutiplied"

    So to recap:

    1] Correct rending template to allow for ALPHA Channel

    2] Manually select the ALPHA Channel back in Vegas

    OK . . . understand your files. Understand what you need to do. Understand the limitations of the s/w you are using.


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