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    Default [analysis] a little brain storming if you please...

    Hi, I just stumbled upon this dutch band and their videos completely blew my mind, it's beautiful, it's creative, it's incredibly dynamic and the tech seems to be as good as it gets by my standards, this is the kind of stuff I'm aiming for (and I know I'm far from it yet)

    so I was wondering, how would YOU make this video? and what do you think the technical and creative challenges were.

    Obviously, camera motion is outstanding
    Character background is actually there, the acting may have been eased up by the lyrics and rapping but it's there nonetheless
    Locations were completely insane

    The fact that there are 3 different themes, one for each character, each with its own pace and philosophy. to me the most beautiful is the 3rd, the craziest has to be the 2nd, both being visually strong characters, while the 1st is maybe the most "standard" type of "hardcore rapper"

    obviously loved the Peter Jackson's reference too, their whole album seems to have strong influence from the 7th art in general (you can tell by the titles)

    I've read somewhere that they used 5D DSLR for filming, but it seems to me that they may also have used actual video cameras and high level equipment (dollies, steadycam and whatnot, there's probably some blue/green screen here and there, and definitely extremely well made special effects)

    what I'd like to do with this topic is to get to the bottom of this, retrace the "behind the scenes" story, figure out how those amazing shots were made and what it took to get there if you will.

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    a hundred views and no reply. I don't want to believe that no one finds this clip at least interesting.

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    I actually couldn't watch the whole thing, the song was just too annoying for me, far too much swearing for my liking.

    The video was good. Lots of effects, which I guess are good. I felt it was a little overdone in some places and felt like there were just so many it became distracting rather than enhancing. Most are quite easy to figure out and all can be reproduced in after effects. Those things just take a ton of time to edit, the actual skills to edit them is just a matter of learning.

    The video angles were great, they obviously had some good gear available, even if it was a 5D, they had some good quality glass. They had a fisheye, macro, a pretty decent wide angle and a zoom. So, they weren't short on equipment it seems. Obviously had steadycams, dollies, etc. The videographer had a great understanding of what he was doing and knew going in what he was going for. They must have storyboarded it before they shot, as you can see it was all preplanned and they were going for certain shots at certain times.

    I think the planning of this video is what makes it so good, if anything. Too many videos now a days are just random cuts between random footage. This band thought it out, tied it in with the lyrics and made it visually appealing. Props for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hadoq View Post
    a hundred views and no reply. I don't want to believe that no one finds this clip at least interesting.
    I had considered replying, but thought the best way for you to find out about the clip would be to contact the folk who made it. Guessing how it was done seems a little pointless . You have already identified many of the videographic components. Whilst I found alot of the clip 'interesting', I am unsure what exactly you felt worth 'brain storming'.

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    Like Guitarboy said the planning that's gone into this makes all the difference. Working out locations, story boarding etc... For example the shot at 0:46 have been thought out and choreographed well. The words "the whole planets shifting" the lead twisting his hands, the "crew" at the back falls over all in time with the camera doing a tilt. That sort of thought for a couple of seconds of video is what makes the difference to the other stuff you see on YouTube.

    You then have very skilled camera operators with nice kit. The whole thing is cut together very well and given a sharp high contrast look (crushed blacks). Stir all that together and add a good performance from the talent and there so have it.

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