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Thread: "On the fly" - a yoyo quicky

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    Default "On the fly" - a yoyo quicky

    well, I call it a quicky, I was shooting (photos), testing my new lens when my friend came along, so we decided we'd go for a quick shoot, hand held, no script, extremely short vid with an autumn theme.

    so here it is

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    Short but sweet.

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    thanks. I happen to actually enjoy filming hand held to some extent but a 135mm on a crop factor, it begins to become very difficult and challenging.

    Midnight -> I'm not posting it here, but I got my mind blown by a music video a couple days ago, look up "Dope DOD what happened" on youtube, on their channel they also have character presentations that are absolutely amazing

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    I thought the into video was very good BUT I find the raps far to aggressive for my taste.

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    Pretty nice. The handheld shots conveys a more intimate view to the whole video.

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