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Thread: Vegas Pro 12 is, well, . . . . Awesome!

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    Default Vegas Pro 12 is, well, . . . . Awesome!

    I've been using this from BETA through to Release Candidate.

    If you haven't yet seen, it was aired yesterday, the Gary Rebholz Webinar "Introduction to VP12", it will be made available for all - I'll be watching it again - within 14 days from the SCS site, make it your next essential viewing task!

    If you can't wait, then I'm sure there are a few YouTube clamourers out there to whet your appetites.

    OK, for me, it's the brand new Expanded Edit Mode, the L and J cutting platform that is delivering us the type of manipulation and control we've all been wanting. You now SEE in a new GUI your A Event and your B Event with their own little Timeline so you can slip and slide the Video OR Audio to your heart's content. You can adjust forwards and backwards the Video or Audio. No more Ungrouping, Trimming, re-Grouping, moving/closing gaps, forgetting you've not re-grouped! Thing of the past now. You do it ALL in a well designed and meant GUI. Press Esc, and your back at the Main Vegas Timeline.

    This for me, is THE major leap forward. And what it ALSO shows, and sometimes people need to be reminded of this, SCS does listen and DOES respond to the wishes of their Users.

    I've mentioned the L&J cutting, but also:

    "New! Smart Proxy workflow

    Create high-performance, edit-friendly Smart Proxy clips in the Project Media view, to achieve faster playback on a wider variety of hardware. Media will automatically and dynamically switch from original to proxy based on the Preview playback settings. To ensure optimum quality, original media files will be used for the final render.

    Get to the SCS site and check out further clips of Pros using VP12.

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    When I first got Sony Vegas Pro 12, I wasn't aware of the expanded edit mode and somehow, accidentally, enabled it. I thought I'd broken the software and couldn't figure out what had happened so just did a re-boot and it was ok.

    Now I know what it is.

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