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Thread: Want review on action video clip

  1. Default Want review on action video clip

    Action clip: (I did not film the footage so please don't criticize the filming (which is not that good and has many exposure issues) but just the editing).

    I mainly edit events and once in a while I get a clip to do. The amount of time and work I put into the clip depends on the audience that will be watching it. This clip will be screened at a kid's Bar Mitzvah to about 400 guests so I put a little more time into visual and audio effects.

    I'll explain shortly... There is very little dialog (in Hebrew) so that shouldn't matter to you guys. It's a very simple story of the kid asking his "commanders" what is the fastest way to get to the hall. His commanders tell him that he is being followed and should run. That's what he does... run. He's chased by foot, bike, horse and car until he gets to the hall and is told that his mission is complete.

    Usually, I'd make a clip 3 - 4 minutes but since it will be a big audience, I made it 6:28 while trying to keep the pace interesting.

    What I tried to accomplish is continuity between shots, same running direction of subjects, comfortable volume of background music and effects, watchable duration of shots, and other things.

    Since this is my job, and I LOVE to always learn, I'd really like to hear your input and would appreciate anyone that can watch the whole 6:28 of it and give feedback for improvement. Thanks!

    CLIP Moar Running 25-10-12 - YouTube

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    i think this video was really well done and would be perfect for a kid's Bar Mitzvah. Only complaint i have is that it is so long. maybe if you cut down on some of the running scenes it would make it more enjoyable. you did a great job overall though!

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    I couldnt watch the whole video, but when i quick forwarded it... I can point two things:
    - too much color grading + overexposed
    - too many wide shots

    It would be nice to have a look at some tutorials about color grading and when is the best times to shoot films - cloudy weather is perfect (otherwise you'll need a camera with awesome dynamic range). The other thing is, you'll need to watch more profesional freerunning videos... it's more awesome to see alot of close-ups, details and some interesting jumping around with running themes.

    I'm not exactly experianced about outside running videos... I have a younger brother who does freerunning and films it. We had some fun at editing.
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