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Thread: Help with basic formats of video

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    Where can I get info about the many types of formats used in video? I`m told that Mpeg2 is the way to go to make my work more workable in various bits of gear. It certainly is a nightmare trying to get to grips with things. I`ve started to produce AV shows and they run fine and I`m using Audacity for the sound and learning my way around but I still find the video file formats confusing.



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    This is one of those extremely difficult topics, especially as new camera's come out and new formats and codecs are introduced.

    Basically, what you need to know is there is a difference between the file name and it's codec. The codecs are what you actually need to worry about. You can read about that on the good old wiki: Video codec - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia From there, start googling best one's to use for your editing program. I know final cut works really well with prores. I'm not sure what premeire or vegas work best with.

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    Thanks for your prompt reply


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    It depends on the OS.

    If on Mac OS, Premier works best with .mov
    If on Windows, Premier works best with .avi ( Yes that's right, .avi the same codec built for windows in 1992 )

    Although most editors can import just about anything under the sun, It might not be the fastest format to edit in but most editors these days can take it in.

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