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Thread: Need help with video format/resolution/screen size...

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    Default Need help with video format/resolution/screen size...

    Hello everyone.
    It took a while but I think this is the right place to ask. Please forgive me if I am wrong.

    I have all my movies placed on my external Hard drive backup system for safe keeping. Which helped because a couple disks have been damaged over time.

    Anyways, some videos do not seem to output the same resolution as all the rest. I have a laptop with resolution of 1600:900
    Some videos when full screen fill the screen corner to corner.
    Others will go full screen and I have a 3-4 inch bar on all 4 sides of the movie, and it only fills about 70% of the screen.

    I use the same program to convert all disks for backup, and I would like all backups to be the same. But this seems to happen every so often and I do not know how to fix it.

    I am currently using Wondershare DVD converter ultimate to do the job. Does anyone recommend anything else? I like it because it can convert to any format from any file and disk. And it also does more than one file and disk at once.


    My main issue is the one disk that this happened with wound up damaged beyond repair, I really do not want to buy another copy of this movie, I'd like to try and convert and increase the resolution on this file if I can.
    Is it possible? What software can I use to get the job done?
    I also have cyberlink power director 10...


    All my conversions I use: "MP4 AVC (*.mp4)" as my output, it seems to work very well, it takes about 1-3 gb per movie and has very good resolution...
    I'd use HD mp4 but the files end up 8 gb instead of around 1-3...
    Any formats that you recommend? I do not want mkv I always have problems with mkv, it messes up players, locks up windows, and never syncs up, and I have a 4.6 GHz 4 core CPU gaming PC with a 2.3 GHz Nvidia 1.5 gb dedicated card... windows 7 64 bit...
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    Can't you just select to view full screen with your media player to solve this ?

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    I tried that, it still didnt fill up the screen, its like the video wont go past its "max size".

    I was wondering if there is a way to reconvert the video to the larger size @ 16:9, because it will not...
    I do not want to have to re-rip all my DVD's back to backup, that will take a long time...

    Basically full screen does not fill the screen. I have a big black box around my videos...
    I want the video to fill the entiire screen when it goes full screen...

    Instead of this: max video size 50% full screen 100%

    I want this: Full screen AND video size 100%

    Possible to do with just a reformat of resolution or something???
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    If the "black box" is hard wired into the video the only way to fix this is to put it into an editor and crop it off.

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    So there might be a way to fix this then?
    What editor should I try this with?

    I have Cyberlink Powerdirector 10, I will start looking, will that program work?
    (I ask in case I can't find how...)

    Just to ask, I used wondershare DVD converter to get the movies from my DVD's onto my backup drive.
    Is it possible that it could have added a square around the outside of the video?

    (In wondershare DVD converter I found that the resolution was smaller, but it never decreased file size when the resolution is made bigger.
    And whenever I resize WMP it always has the same black frame/box around the video, only smaller.
    So I should be able to edit it out?
    Will I lose quality if I edit it out, that is if the video never lost resolution when it was ripped?

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    I'm not familiar with any of the software you mentioned, I can't say for sure what has happened when you ripped the DVDs. You may see a slight reduction in image quality but I can't say for sure. If you keep the bit rate at the same value as the original when you render them out you should be ok but you must understand you are changing resolution if you start cropping the original. I still don't understand why Windows Media Player won't play the movie without the black box as I can't see why the DVD ripper would have added the black area if you kept the same resolution as the original.

    Good luck.

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