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Thread: Short review video production

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    It's been a while since I posted anything on forum, so I'll be quick...

    For a while now I'm doing some short reviews for local community and I'm trying to improve my next videos as much as possible, mostly visualy. You probably wont understand what I'm saying, because it's in Slovene =)

    Two examples:
    Jesenski animeji 2012 by DjJuvan #5
    Jesenski animeji 2012 by DjJuvan #4

    I'm trying to make such videos as quick as possible, so any hardcore animations and screwing around doesnt go with production flow. For one video I need about 4 hours to make - shoot and edit. I write scripts days before shooting. I shoot with telepromter, canon 550D and very decent lights.

    But still, I can see some visual improvements.... I dont know, maybe different background position, different light position, some editing improvements...?

    In future I'll probably make a 20-min show with help of friends, that's why I have to find every good information what to be carefull about in production flow.

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    Firstly to me it looks quite good. I think from the two examples you posted there are a couple of small tweaks that could make them look better. I found the whole video to be very slightly over exposed. So if you take the camera down a stop this would probably solve that issue. I'm not sure of your lighting set up, if you have dimmers etc. So it's hard to say what you could do about the strong light on your hair.

    For me the lighting would work better if the background was a bit darker. I would move away from the window if you can as there seems to be a lot of light coming from it. It's not that it's bad BUT I think it would give the video a more 3 dimensional look if you can reduce the background.

    Hope this helps.

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    I can almost completely dimm out the window light, I always added some background light on purpose (thinking of positive atmosphere, and not to have any black backround). I guess it wasnt a good idea (or is it?). I'll dimm down a bit a back-light to remove overexposed hair light...

    The main light is dimmed with covered white paper It's home-made of 6 spiral ECO 30W lights and on 50mm f/1.8 lens it's too bright (even if I increase shutter/f-stops). The last video was shoot on 30 shutter and f/2.5. Why shooting on 50mm? It makes warmer colors and video is sharper (not to mention nice DOF).

    Thank you for your advice!

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    I agree that a totally black background wouldn't be right. BUT a darker one with a couple of highlights to pick out the objects behind you might look really nice. OR even something like in THIS VIDEO using a cookie or gobo to create a nice effect. I would move the rim/hair light a bit further behind so you are just wrapping the light around the head and shoulders so it is very subtle. It should be just enough to pick the subject out of the background.

    I think you have a good set up and the totally bright video works so only make small changes to what you currently have and it will look better.

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    Thank you very much for tips and linked video, it may really come in handy

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    I changed few things since I posted the last video... still didnt include the cookie thing, but I might do it in the next or one after... (8. episode)

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    I think the background is too busy. It still needs more contrast with the foreground, either darker or more out of focus or possibly both. Alternatively use a plainer background. This perhaps doesn't matter too much when you're talking as it is not crucial to watch the presenter, but it was certainly a distraction from the picture-in-picture game you were talking about.

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    I think this is better than the original video you posted but agree with Tim that more contrast between you and the background would be better. When you light yourself try and flag the light so it's not lighting up the background. If you have the room try moving further away from the background. You didn't take the apature/iris down a stop so it all looks a little over exposed. What camera do you use, can you manually adjust things on it ?

    I think you video looks and sounds 100 times better than most youtube videos.

    Finally I like the spiky hair.

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    Thank you both for comments (even the spiky hair xD ). I appreciate it!

    I'll do something about background and lighting. I did kinda missed the right light setting, because i'm doing the setting from LCD monitor behind. The Canon 550D is actualy pusshed all way to the wall because of small room^^' I guess, I'll have to connect it to my smartphone to fine tune the levels while watching the scene.

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    The production is very slick and easy to watch, good editing.

    I would suggest to not allow the monitors to slideshow, just keep the same image, because at one time the image just started to change as you cut away, and that can't be good.

    Also the top line of the monitor is passing straight through your head, this is unnecessary of course, can the monitors be either side of you?

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