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Thread: Stop motion... in reverse!?!? Software advice.

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    Question Stop motion... in reverse!?!? Software advice.

    I took a trip across the US by train last year, and stopped in NYC, Wash DC, Boston, Cincinnati, Chicago, etc etc etc... San Francisco. Just before I boarded I got and idea to video the entire trip (daylight hours) out the window and eventually take all the footage and speed it up to make one great "stop motion" like video (anyone know what this is actually called?). Now that I have all the video (hours and hours of it) I don't know what software to get to really do the job right. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1) I use a PC.
    2) I am pretty savvy when it comes to computers, but I have very little video editing experience.
    3) The videos are in both .MOV and .AVI formats (battery issues meant I had to use different cameras for different segments) and total at about 75GB.
    4) I'm willing to spend some money for the software, but not a boatload.
    5) Another nice feature would be the ability to level the horizon for segments where the tripod wasn't perfect.

    Much of the footage is just trees flashing by, so I will be deleting large segments. I still want it to seem like one continuous journey... fast through most of it, but then slow when things like the Washington Monument, Manhattan, etc come into view. I'm really excited about this project, and I think it will make a pretty unique finished work. Just need some advice for getting it started. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Any other suggestions are most welcome.

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    Sony Vegas studio or Adobe Premiere Elements are probably the better video editing software for PC available, at a very low price (under /$50). You can download trial versions to see which one you like best. I know Vegas can do all the things you want. The low price studio version of Vegas can only speed up clips by 400% at a time. I don't use Adobe so can't confirm what it can do but I'd be surprised if it didn't do similar to Vegas.

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