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Thread: widescreen to synch with normal footage when editing

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    Angry widescreen to synch with normal footage when editing

    can somebody help me please, i used 2 camera on a shoot one camera taped in ordinary mode and the other widescreen mode, now i'm trying to edit both together but when i add the widescreen footage to the ordinary footage i seem to get the ordinary playing fine but when it gets to the widescreen footage i get the black at the top and bottom of the screen,
    can somebody please tell me how i can get both to work full screen together..... please

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    It might help if you tell us what software you are using.

    The basic principle is set you project properties to the wide screen footage then crop the 4:3 footage. You will loose some of the top/bottom of your 4:3 footage but thats as good as I can advise. The other way round can also be done ie set the properties to the 4:3 footage and chop off the sides of the wide screen. There way you will have to chop somewhere to make them fit together.

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    i use pinnacle studio 12 for editing and ulead moviefactory 6 for burning

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