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Thread: "The Art of Flying" my 2012 Aerial Demo needs some title graphics, anyone?

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    Default "The Art of Flying" my 2012 Aerial Demo needs some title graphics, anyone?

    Hello All,

    just wanted to share with you our 2012 Aerial Demo "The Art of Flying" and see if anyone knows about motion titling.

    I am looking to get some motion titling done on my 2012 aerial demo The Art of Flying 2012 Aerial Demo by Got Aerial llc - YouTube
    Something like the titling in the art of flight trailer :20s The Art of FLIGHT - snowboarding film trailer w/Travis Rice - YouTube or the krewella video 1:23 Krewella - Alive [OFFICIAL VIDEO - HD] - Play Hard EP Now Available on iTunes! - Dayton 2 Daytona - YouTube
    or something better if thats possible.

    Let me know what you think

    you can email me at
    thank you
    Got Aerial llc .
    Got Aerial llc. | RC Aerial Video and Photography – Capturing Everything From Above!

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    Nice footage.

    You will have to learn the art of motion tracking and masking. This could be done in something like Sony Vegas but would probably be better done in After Effects. There are some really good tutorials at Video Copilot.

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    One way to create such titles is to use software which can calculate the movement of the camera, superimpose some text, and then adjust the size/rotation/perspective to match the camera's movements. I know that Adobe After Effects CS6 has this facility, and guess its available on other high end video apps.

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