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Thread: My Last Photograph - short film

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    Default My Last Photograph - short film

    Hi Friends,

    Here is my latest short film shot on Canon 5d Mark 2. Please click on the subtitles as the movie is in a foreign language.

    Ravi Vide

    Ravi Vide

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    You've come on a long way in your film making. Wish I'd progressed half as much as you.
    I thought the look was great. I'm not entirely sure how well the dialog translates. It all made sense, but if these were English people, they simply wouldn't speak like that. I'll assume that this is just a combination of translation and different culture values and all is good. I think the acting was believeable. Even though I should have been expecting it, the twist came as a surprise.
    On the negative side I did think the intro was a bit long and the whole exposition (the dialogue about the photo competition) was very longwinded and could have been covered in a fraction of the time.
    I've also realised that we have now reached saturation point with Glidetrack. Exactly as I predicted, it's become the new "Shallow Depth of Field" as the go to technique of choice.
    But aside from tose quibbles, I thought this was very well done. An excellent job.

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