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    dis is my first filmicdramawork is just rawmontage eni atvis are welcome
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    It's good BUT next time you film something like this don't use such a shallow depth of field. I not a fan of just the tip of someones noes being in focus or the talent going in and out of focus with the slightest movement.

    The other thing you really need to learn is how to be strict with yourself as the editor and cut much much more out to shorten it. No matter how good looking the guy is people can only take so many moody shots of him standing by the canal etc. Ask you self does this help the story if not cut it. It's that brutal. I might be amazed how much of a film ends up on the cutting room floor of big Hollywood movies. This movie could be half as long as be better than it is.

    Having said all that I still liked the feel you got and the sound track really helped. I also feel you got a good job from the talent. I feel you have real potential to make a really good piece if you follow the above.

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    Yes de film is not yet ready is just rawcutmontage thanks i doo beter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    don't use such a shallow depth of field
    It appears someone has stolen MB's forum user ID and password and is making uncharacteristic (though nonetheless helpful) statements in his name!

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