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    I just brought a new desktop with vista (32-bit verison) and a AverMedia Tuner card. Using media center I can copy vhs tapes to file. my problem is that I can't copy copy protected vhs tapes using media center. So, I just want to know is there a programe that will at lease let me capture or view copy protected VHS tapes? I have a program that I can use to capture it but I need to view and of course hear it. The program that I use to Capture is ZD Soft Video recorder. Can anyone help?

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    I can recommend a company with a solution. Here is the site I have found: Grex Advanced digital video stabilizer with high quality S-Video support
    They have a device called Grex video stabilizer. I heard that with Grex help it will be
    possible to remove protection from DVD and TV channels and thus be able to download protected video to DVD.

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