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    Default F.U.N. | Green ... Short eos 550d color experiment

    F.U.N. | Green ... Short 550d color experiment
    i made a few weeks ago a short film in which i used the Sin City-Effect... I made the video because we had a exciting doping case in our country and i'm generally against doping, to have fun is the most important thing, not winning...

    Camera: Canon eos 550d with Steadycam 550 | Cullman Nanomax 220


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    Nicely done (bit of an oversight at 1:53, I think) Good chouce of music. Very watchable.

    I'm not entirely sure what message the film was trying to get across - "There can be a competition without pain" is a little like saying "there can be a sandwich without cheese". Perhaps it diodn't quite make sense to me be cause I don't entirely agree with your statement that to have fun is the most important thing in a competiton.

    In my mind I agree winning is not necessarily important. Trying to win or trying to improve on one's previous performance, however, is important. That's one of the most important ways in which we improve.

    If you just want to have fun, don't enter competitions.

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    I see a lot of work has gone into this. I didn't like the one arm that was in colour at around 0:36 and the colour that Tim mentioned @ around 1:53 but liked the rest of it. Twixter is so difficult to use well and you did a good job with it. I would have used colour for the titles so they really stood out but the white worked as well.

    Good job.

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