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Thread: Accidental audio echo removal?

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    Default Accidental audio echo removal?

    SO me and my bud are playing some mass effect with a total of 3 devices recording:
    1. Gameplay
    2. His(my) headset
    3. My ipod headphones (ductaped to a headset)

    With audio only coming in through each headset so no echo from the game. When I went into editing though I noticed my headphones was too sensitive and picked him up across the room, so when I sync the audio in vegas I get flanging of his voice. Is there any way to cut this out, besides snipping out all the area I'm silent?

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    Try to use audio editing software that has Minimize Noise. It's somewhere located in the tool box. But that only help minimize and not totally remove it because it is not a layer during the recording, it is actually part of it. maybe you can record again and make sure you cannot fetch any flanging voices again.

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    IF it is Flanging or Phasing, then try inverting the audio to see if that helps (-180%)

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