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Thread: What should my college major be?

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    Default What field of video should I major in?

    Hey everyone, I hope it's okay to post this thread here. I figured the guys talking about Premiere and After Effects would be able to help me out more than anyone else. I was hoping somebody could give me a few words of advice. I'm a 19 year old college freshman and I'm not sure if I chose the right major for me. I love creating and producing videos of all sorts, and I've been making videos since before I started high school nearly 6 years ago. I know that I want to produce video for a living so I decided to go with an EMP "Electronic Media Production" major, which focuses mainly on television and the production side of film making. This is great because I really enjoy shooting and directing, but recently I've realized that what I really love is working in post production, editing video and creating effects in AE and FCP. Text animations, lower 3rd titles, special effects, I just love making video graphics in general. I would really like to learn more about creating graphics and animations, but I wouldn't want to change to a graphic design major mainly because I would more than likely end up focusing on art and still images rather than video. Do any of you guys know what kind of major I might be looking at here?

    Even if I don't end up finding anything I'll be perfectly content with a degree in EMP, but if there is any other degree I could get that would help me get a job creating graphics or editing video exclusively, I would love to know about it.

    Much appreciated!
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