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    First off folks (Tim, Midnight... nice to see you again )
    This past year has brought many advancements and challenges in film making, I also made my first revenue this year, which wasn't intended... and then it kept happening. So i decided on a few things. I would like to announce I have registered the domain and started to implement my first .com site, and it will be based on video... but with a twist. So when it is fully functional over christmas I look forward to sharing it with you guys! A lot of time, money and research has went into it... so it has a viable market.

    Anyway lets get to the juicy stuff.

    There is a new online free to play game brewing called MechWarrior Online. It's not released yet, I have closed beta access for it just now so I am doing a bit of marketing awareness for it This game is very difficult to capture correctly and just the footage shown alone took over 9 straight hours to obtain and 18 people. The matches timed and set against random players. But Persistance over Resistance right?

    This clip is split in 2, showing the beauty of the game and combat... to be mirrored with humour

    Well Enjoy...

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    Well done on getting things moving.

    I'm not a fan of computer games but I think you got across what you intended. When I've seen kids doing this kind of stuff they usually go for a much higher contrast look and magic bullet looks and over saturation etc. I think for it to be in keeping with this vogue, it does need some more contrast work doing on it.

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    thanks midnight,

    Yeah saturation was turned up ALOT, (check the weapons fire, lasers etc.) but the color in the game is just really dull

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