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Thread: Live music video for critique + track motion help

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    Unhappy Live music video for critique + track motion help

    Recorded this lovable blues guy at a local music festival on Saturday.

    My policy is to go beyond the ordinary, and I think I've achieved this here.

    However, in my world, I am playing with track motion for the first time, and making a pigs ear of it I think - (tutorial time for me)

    In the meantime, as this is still a work in progress I'd appreciate peoples opinions and faults in this production pointed out, so I can try to make this the best I can.

    I see the music has fallen out of sync thanks to my 1001 track movements, guess I need to learn Lock lol, and there's a couple of digital blemishes from my nasty cheapass camera that I need to edit around.

    Also youtube has put one or two jumps in the footage, maybe track motion would be better at 30fps? This is low quality 512k preset 25fps.

    For track motion I have some questions...

    1. Can it only be done on one track? I can't find how to get track motion working on multiple tracks so that each motion stops affecting the next one. The help file is no help.
    I get a motion sequence perfect, but then the next motion seems to always interfere with the previous one. For example, I will slow zoom a picture out of frame, then find that the following picture is also zoomed out, and when I recenter this one, the previous one messes up. How do I avoid this? I try the Recenter command, and the Hold command, but it's like I need a 'clean slate' command that will just bring me back to normality ready for the next motion sequence.

    2. I am using separate images that fade into each other, is this a mistake? Is this also what causes the track motion to mess up?

    Maybe have a think about that whilst you bash my production, hardtimes_v992 - YouTube have at me!


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    Loved the old guy, he's great. I can't say I'm a fan of keeping a faded image over another for to long. Once we have see the guy singing we still know he's there even if we can't see him we hear him and we know that he is singing about the content of the images. So fading from the singer to the images then back to the singer again after a while, then back to the images would be a better way to achieve the effect you want in the video. Well that's how I'd approach it.

    Track motion affects everything on the track you are applying it to. It doesn't affect any other track. If you are just moving stills from left to right etc. You might find it easier to use the pan/crop tool on each event/image, that way when you fade from one image to another you will have separate control over each image and save your self a lot of bother.

    Hope that helps.

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    That's a wonderful observation Midnight, yes it was draining and headache material for me with the double images all through.

    A prime example of seeing the wood for the trees eh? lol


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    Really enjoyed that. Content again, eh?
    The really even and bland background behind the singer was a gift. I'm wondering if you could have kept him in colour and made the background all B&W.
    Not sure what software you're using, Stripe, but you could possiblycreate a mask around the singer so you could have had him at 100% opacity so he really looked supeimposed over the backgroound images. Or maybe you could have chroma-keyed out the tent.
    But I'm jumping the gun a little.
    Track motion shouldn't affect the audio at all. I'm not sure what went on there.
    If it was lacking anything, I think you could have paid a bit more attention to having the changes to the images in teh background track sync more to the music - ie on the beats/bars rather than just randomly as they appear at present.

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    Thanks Tim, only just seen this reply (wasn't getting notifications for a while - works now).

    The switch from BW to Colour represented the jump into the future and the parallel recessions of then and now, (the Reserve bank clips were placed chronologically to try and show this). Hence the ending ' make poverty history', (vis--vis we haven't learned from the past)

    Which is useful for me, because your suggestions are way over my skill level lol. Although definitely something I will want to do in the future. And the lesson learned - get artists to perform against plain background huge possibilities.

    Here's the final clip, I think I got the picture changes working better on the beats. Sorry Midnight, your suggestion is correct, but as this guy is meant to be the star of the show, he had to present at all times - except where my cheap-ass cam screwed up the digital so I had to freeze him twice.

    He's very happy with it, (15 shares on Facebook in one week is ok by me). My strategy was to show people that an ordinary gig vid don't have to be meaningless or ordinary - achieved

    Steve Skinner - Hard Times - Live - YouTube
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    yep. Works well for me. Nice job!

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    I don't like the full over lay as you know but I do like the old guy enough not to care about that.

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    Lol Midnight, yes he's a treasure, I get to do interview/live performance mash up video of him at a new year festy, I'll try to get an original tune this time, he does plenty, but this cover song worked.

    Tim, I am learning that stuff you speak of, from your website, so watch out, psychedelia is on the horizon

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