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Thread: Shooting in LA, USA. any advice or tips

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    Default Shooting in LA, USA. any advice or tips

    Whats best way to get my Sony Z1E camera to LA?

    I have no idea as I have not worked outside the UK in the past.

    Also has anybody got any advice or tips about filming in the USA or in LA.


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    Take the camera in your hand luggage or use a solid flight case. If you are working in the US you have a work visa, the only way to do this is to phone the rip off American Embassy Visa phone line.

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    What Will you be shooting ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    What Will you be shooting ?
    Its been put back til next year now which is good for me to get myself sorted out.

    I have to film a well known sportsman who is in LA for the first time. Sort of a fly on the wall type thing. Hours of filming that will get cut down to an hour.

    Have done similar stuff but never outside UK.

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